Sod the gender stereotypes: I’m a man who wants to crochet – will you help?

Damn it! I'm going to crochet a hat...

Damn it! I’m going to crochet a hat…

For far to long my desire to learn to knit or crochet has felt like a dirty little secret, but the time has come to make it happen. I want to be a man who comfortable doing what he wants!

I’m going to set myself a challenge  of crocheting myself a beanie style hat for this winter and I am going to do it completely frugally…

So, why the sudden change of heart? 

Well, I have just come across The Shy Lion – a guy who knits! He’s inspired me to say, ‘what the heck’, and give it a go. Its time to break down those barriers in my own head 🙂

As I have said, I want to do this frugally, so I am going to rely on the gift economy. I have already made a request through my local Freegle and StreetBank groups for yarn and crochet hooks, but need your help with instructions and a pattern for a beanie which is suitable for a beginner.

Can you offer any advice? If so, post it below 🙂

15 responses to “Sod the gender stereotypes: I’m a man who wants to crochet – will you help?

  1. go to ravelry. It is free to join and loads of patterns are free. My 9 yr old has just got into knitting and doesn’t feel pressure yet. Ling may it stay that way. Good luck with your project.

  2. Look up Craftyminx’s crochet school, it’s free and how I learned to crochet. She has video lessons showing all the basics.


    I found that, that may work for you. If you need any help at all, you can ask my friend and myself, and we can make a video tutorial explaining anything you don’t understand. Crocheting takes just a bit of patience, and [for me] A LOT of Google.

    I already have one tutorial on decreasing up, but seriously; we’re here to help. []

      • Absolutely! Just let me know what you need 😀

        All I have is a laptop, so my the quality of the video isn’t studio worthy or anything. But I like to think I explain things well ^^

      • I’m considering for the video explaining the basic stitches, color changing, decreases and such. I guess it would be CH, SC, DC, HDC, TRC,, and SLST. I suppose since it’s an intro sort of thing, I should keep it at the basics. I might go into joining a ring and working around a chain. :3 I’ll start working on it monday and should get it done Monday as well. :3

  4. Im with Knitnrun4sanity have a look on Ravelry they do some great patterns..

    I tried the tuturiols online but I could not grasp the terms so I needed someone to show me, I signed up for a class in the end, by the end of the 2 hours I had crocheted a Granny square!

    I think it’s fab your going to give it a go! Good Luck!

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